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And for something I thought I'd never review....a manual

And now for something completely off the beaten path with what I have been reading and reviewing. I mentioned in my about me part that I am a special education teacher. I recently graduated with my Masters in Special Education from Wichita State University. Well to be able to teach in that area I had to take another test, it makes no sense to me why we go through all those classes only to have to prove we understood them on a test that basically decides everything. Well, to prepare for that test I ordered Praxis Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) Study Guide: Special Education Test Prep Including Praxis II Special Education Exam ... Severe to Profound Applications (5545) Review by Cirrus Teacher Certification Exam Prep Team. It’s a book with an amazing long title, but for a review manual it was amazingly practical.

It does go over more than the test I was going to be taking as it is a review manual for all three of the special education Praxis tests. The book and the practice tests made it a lot easier to prepare for the test.

I don’t get my scores back until the end of the month, but I feel a lot better having used this book to study than I would have going in without having studied it. There were things on the test that were basic common knowledge for anyone who has been working with special education students and then there was stuff that I was glad the text had gone over.

There was a lot in the book that wasn’t on the version of the test that I took so some people may consider it a waste of time to have reviewed it, but in many ways I found it very informative. I think that it was better in some ways then some of the material that was covered in my classes over the last two years.

I love what I do for a living. Teaching is so rewarding and is really a calling. This coming school year I am moving schools and that is a bit scary. Honestly I was torn apart when I was told that I was moving schools, but in the end I think that this is what was supposed to happen. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year.

I do have a teacher wish list on amazon if ever anyone is looking for something for me or wants an idea for something a teacher may want. I also have my personal wish list which is filled with books, art supplies, and some other home stuff. I have listed both here:

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