• Brook Beorn

Cannon balls and murder

I continued with the second book in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox, The Skeleton in the Closet. Just like with the first book we are faced with Verity and her gangster ghost, Frankie. Verity is barely holding it together as she continues to try and overcome everything that her ex-almost-mother-in-law put her through when she dumped her cheating ex, Beau.

The town has become crazy with the planned reenactment of a battle from the Civil War. There is even a history channel documentary being filmed about it. During all the insanity Darla is killed after discovering something important among all the relics and antiques that have been brought to the library by the Jascksons and the Wydells.

Ellis, Beau’s older brother, asks for help from Verity and Frankie. Frankie is really only concerned with Verity ungrounding him and he getting his freedom back to haunt where he wants. The mystery takes them in directions that Verity never could have imagined.

This is a fun read just like the first one. I absolutely love that Verity has a pet skunk, it is so cute! I love the back and forth between Ellis and Verity as they try and figure out what is going on between them and realize just how much fallout there is going to be when others find out about them.

Mail finally came with my last book in the Lux series. I am going to curl up listening to the rain and read my book. Catch you all later :)

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