• Brook Beorn

Continuing my reading of the Books in the House of Night Series

Honestly I am beginning to remember a bit of why I didn’t continue reading the House of Night series. It has a great foundation, but beyond that the story is missing many things. Again the timeframe of the story is just getting to me.

I just finished the fourth book in the series, Untamed by P. C. Cast and Kristen Cast. This book picks up the moment the last book ended. From the start of the series till this point there hasn’t even been three months of time go by. The main character Zoey has had three boyfriends, two of which she met during the timeline of these books. Her character is like those of so many young adult books, instant relationship status without building anything substantial.

This book starts after Zoey has been effectively used by a teacher, Loren, for nefarious reasons. The idea of a teacher having sex with a student to bond with her is used too easily as a part of the story and dismissed by the other characters as if it is normal. They seem more upset with her, Zoey, for not telling them that there was something going on with her and Loren then they are that she was taken advantage of by an older vampyre. That older vampyre used manipulation and her inexperience to get her into bed with him, but her friends are more upset she didn’t tell them about the secret relationship. That just seems so contrary to everything that they should be feeling and how they should be treating their friend who is hurting.

I know that when I read this book I had something really bad happen to me and I think that is what turned me off of the series. No one hugged Zoey and told her it was going to be okay. The things that Loren did and that Neferet continued to do to her seemed to be completely ignored.

When Zoey starts to explain things to her friends, they suddenly come around, but still there are none of those apologies or things that friends normally do after a fight. Then we have another male, Stark, enter Zoey’s life. Suddenly he passes away the way that fledglings do, but not before he professes to having feelings for the girl he’s not even known a whole day. I just have a hard time with the instant romances. I do believe in love at first sight, but then the “lovers” do need to get to know each other.

The ending of this book came quickly and this previously was the last House of Night book that I had previously read, though I had purchased all except for the last two. So, heading into completely unknown territory with the book Hunted.

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