• Brook Beorn

Didn't find this to be the sharpest book ever

Someone looking at my blog might think that I love every book that I read. With this next book I am going to show how that is not the case. I won this book through and their giveaways. It was a kindle book so I was able to read it on the go. The book is The Sharpest Kiss by Elizabeth Myles. I will start off by saying I am very grateful for any chance I get to read an author’s work, but I am honest in how I feel about that work.

As would be assumed from the title and cover art this book is about vampires.The premise of the book is pretty easy to follow in that these women have two guys they need to save who have been bitten by a vampire master. Only vampire masters can turn another person into a vampire and by killing said master you can go back to be human. Simple enough, but the writing is so disorganized in places that I wasn’t sure what to think and it is very simplistic. More of what I would expect from a young adult novel and that is even pushing it.

The most unbelievable part of the story were the relationships. Suddenly someone from your past that you’ve hated for years shows up and suddenly all is forgiven because they need your help? Also having been a bookseller at one time in my life the idea of a bookstore that only sells romance novels is hard to imagine as doing well in today’s climate. I’ve seen ones that sell mysteries, but they didn’t stick to one type and also held a lot of events to get people into the store.

Overall I wanted to like this book and I did like parts of it, but it honestly was not my kind of writing. I wish the author all the success because I know others will love it, I am just not one of them.

On to my next literary adventure.

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