• Brook Beorn

Everything from the guy's point of view for once....

I said at the end of my last blog entry that the author Jennifer Armentrout had written another Lux book, Oblivion, but this one actually covers three of the novels from Daemon’s point of view. It is a strange idea of going back and reading the books again but this time from a different point of view. I think that if we did have more stories like this it would definitely add something to the reading as well as answer some of those questions we always have about what the other characters are actually thinking and feeling.

As I didn’t want to have to buy this one at its current paperback cost I ordered it for my Kindle. I am an enigma I know, I read both actual books I can hold and use my Kindle. Honestly I find that both formats work for me. I do love being able to actually hold a book in my hands, but I also enjoy the freedom the Kindle gives me in that it is easy to carry around with me when I am on to go. I am actually currently looking for a nicer, not too expensive, bag to carry my electronics around with me.

Back to the book, this book being a look at how Daemon viewed the events completely changes some things and is very well written. I often wonder when pieces are written from one character’s point of view how the other characters feel about things. This answers a lot about Daemon’s motivation when he first meets Katy and how he knows she is dangerous to them all. It explains his feelings on calling her Kitten all the time beyond what he told her.

I think the parts that really explained a lot were when he is fighting how he is feeling about Katy. He comes back to what happened to Dawson and Bethany or what Matthew tells him about her being a risk to them all. I think that the only question that I have as I read the series is why the DOD is so concerned about human and Luxen relationships when the Luxen have been on Earth for so long. At some point nature will find a way and you really can’t stop who you fall in love with just because someone else tells you that it is wrong.

If you get the chance to read this I would suggest it. As a Kindle book it isn’t a bad price. That is another thing I like about the Kindle is that there are a lot of books that have a lower price due to it being in a digital format.

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