• Brook Beorn


I have to be honest I love stories that have some animal element in them. I can remember reading the Cat Who….series and just loving everything about the cats. So, with that in mind I just finished reading Calico Confusion book one in the Marjorie’s Cozy Kitten Cafe mysteries by Katherine Hayton.

The idea of a kitten cafe is one that I find fun. I am an animal lover at heart. There is a bookstore in Canada that has kittens like those in this fictional cafe that are up for adoption by those who are patrons of the establishment. It is a sweet idea and also allows someone to get to know an animal pretty well before offering it a forever home with them.

The book is one of those fun cozy mysteries where someone who most people didn’t really get along with is murdered. Marjorie is given the dead woman’s kitten to care for in her cafe which brings her into the mystery. If cats could talk they would love this story too. A very fun and quick read. I definitely will be reading more of these mysteries in the future.

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