• Brook Beorn

Never underestimate the power of good

Someone suggested that I mention that when I say a book is a fast read, I should say that I read at a faster pace than most people with a very high comprehension rate. I laughed when they suggested it. I forget often that not everyone reads at the rate that I do. So, there is my public service announcement before I move into my latest review.

Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast actually was better than I expected in comparison to the previous book. This book picks up with Zoey and her friends hiding out from Neferet and those at the House of Night. From what the group can figure out is that only those in their cast circle and their personal warrior were not put under the spell of Neferet and Kalona.

The red fledglings and Stevie Rae welcome the displaced of fledglings and vampyres into their tunnels under Tulsa, OK. As I have been to Tulsa a number of times, I wonder if these tunnels are real or if they were created in the minds of the authors. The things that the red fledglings have done to make the tunnels liveable is amazing considering the way they were before Stevie Rae changed.

The human’s rationalization of the Mockers as being a gang is interesting. It is something I’ve wondered about before, how would humans deal with the supernatural realm being real. A gang, that is a pretty far reach considering that the Raven Mockers are supernatural in nature.

Seriously?!? Zoey really needs to cut ties with Heath and move on. In one moment she is all about her love and feeling for Erik and in the next she is imprinting with Heath again. That whole construct as a plot device seems over used by the authors and could be dropped. Zoey could just care about Heath, there doesn’t need to be the sexual/love component of the imprint. We already have the other bizarre imprint of Stevie Rae and Aphrodite. Honestly, this didn’t need to be a part of the story.

When Zoey is attacked and the group is forced back to the House of Night to get her cared for again it seems like things are just too easy. I think that part of what is going on is that Neferet just underestimates Zoey’s power and connection to Nyx even though she is the most marked fledglig in history as well as very powerful. It is the only thing that I can come up with as to why Neferet doesn’t just throw her in a room and lock her in. It’s really like Neferet really does believe that nothing Zoey could possibly do would ever cause problems for her plans.

I think the part of the story that tore at me the most was when Zoey was telling Stark about how much his dog, Dutchess, missed him. She tells him that Dutch is bonded to him just like the cats have bonded to the others living in the House of Night. Stark seemed at first to be dismissive of the idea that Dutch was still his and yet something about the whole conversation suggests that he misses her, but doesn’t believe he is worthy of her any longer.

The ending of this installment in the House of Night series really does show that Kalona and Neferet honestly didn’t see the strength of Zoey’s power. I guess in many ways that is the downfall of those who side with evil or who do things in the name of evil, they underestimate the power of those who would do good things.

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