• Brook Beorn

Not the vampyres that we are used to

My current read is Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I have to be honest this is my second time reading this book. I found that I never finished the series and was wondering how things ended with Zoey and her friends. So, in typical me fashion I went back and started with book one and am working my way toward the series end.

I love going back and reading books and realizing that there are things that you missed or didn’t make connections with the first time that you read it. I also love that there are works of literature that are written and you can tell without looking at the publication date to know exactly when they were written. This book is one of those as it mentions MTv’s The Real World.

I really enjoy how the vampyre are created in this world. It is so different from so many other stories. They are picked and then marked. The scary part is that you may die instead of becoming a vampire.

For Zoey Redbird’s part there is something so different about her. She is completely connected to the goddess Nyx. Her time in the House of Night has so much impact on the school and the students there.

As I remember from my first time reading this book it is a quick read and a well developed story. There are characters that you fall in love with and others that you are meant to hate. I am looking forward to continuing reading the books in the series.

I have also been working on earrings made from recycled paper beads. Being a teacher there is always an endless supply of damaged books. So, instead of throwing them away I recycle them and make them into jewelry. I will be listing some of them for sale here. I also have been giving some of them away for free as part of the Wichita Art Abandonment Project that I started. I think with everything going on in the world today everyone deserves to know that someone out there just wants to see them smile.

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