• Brook Beorn

Say it isn't so....I want to know more

I couldn’t put down the last Lux book, Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout. I will warn anyone reading this that there may be spoilers so, if you haven’t read the series please don’t read further if you don’t want any spoilers.

I was so lost about what was going to happen next when the Luxen appeared and Daemon, Dawson, and Dee walked away from Katy and Beth without looking back. I can’t even imagine how heatrenching that would be for anyone. Especially since it became all out war in many ways with the Luxen. The idea that an alien race would basically have cells here planning a takeover makes sense in many ways. How best to know how to destroy a place, but by putting people on the inside to prepare for that destruction.

Katy’s belief in Daemon never seems to waiver even when she is faced with the possibility that he will help destroy her world for his own kind. His sister Dee appears to have fallen in line very quickly and even gives up so much about Katy to the other Luxen it is hard to imagine a deeper betrayal.

Luc and Archer are still out there protecting Beth and her unborn baby as everything starts to make sense for Daemon, Dawson, and Katy about fighting back. They have to think about who they can trust. It is Luc and Archer who have the solution. They have to seek out the enemy that Daemon has been fighting all this time in order to right the wrongs that Luxen have brought to Earth.

The ending was sad and amazing at the same time. I would love to know what happens further in their lives and what other things that they face. So happy that this series was recommended to me. I am going to read more by Jennifer Armentrout as I really like her writing style and that her characters have a realness to them.

Always taking book recommendations if anyone has any suggestions.

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