• Brook Beorn

Secrets...they get you everytime

As I started reading Chosen by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast, the third book in the House of Night series, I found myself laughing out loud. Zoey Redbird’s birthday is Dec. 24th and thus everyone is always trying to mush Christmas and her birthday together. While my birthday is not as annoying, it has always been a point of issue for me. My birthday is always right around Mother’s Day and once I became a mother some people in my life have consistently chosen to mush those two together. Before I was a mother I was supposed to “share” my birthday with those celebrating Mother’s Day. Yeah, it always sucked.

This book has a bit more dimension for the character development than the previous two books. I feel like we are actually beginning to know Zoey as a character and what truly motivates her. Her attachment to Stevie Rae and trying to figure everything out is commendable. The problem is that she is still holding so much back from her friends and there are only two ways that can end for her, they understand or it blows up in her face.

We also understand a little more about the dynamic of the church that her step-father and mother belong to. It has a huge influence on the area and is what shapes a lot of the hate toward the vampyres. I can understand how Zoey would feel betrayed that her mother has chosen that over seeing what is happening to her own daughter.

The book like the others is a bit slow at points and again is more like the authors are trying to build up to something, but taking their time, yet in reality of the series there has been little time change. I know that the series did not go on for 50 books so I wonder if time speeds up at all in the other books. This book starts with only two months having passed since Zoey was first marked, so it feels like it is a month a book.

I still think that the convention of a person being marked by Nyx being what starts the change to being a vampyre is interesting. We always assume that there is some other vamp involved in the change, but not in this series. It does set it apart from many other books of the same theme.

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