• Brook Beorn

Sleepy Hollow and all that darkness

Not sure what has brought me back to Sleepy Hollow, but I am currently loving rewatching the show. I have always loved the story of the headless horseman and just how dark the story is and set in American history. That being the case when I realized I had a Sleepy Hollow themed book on my Kindle that I hadn’t read yet, yeah that is where I went.

The book is Crane by Stacey Rourke. It is book one of the Legends Saga Series. I found the book to definitely be a different take on the story of the headless horseman. We always know that there is a reason for everything when it comes to the horseman coming back and committing murders in the town of Sleepy Hollow.

When Ireland Crane moves to town she isn’t moving there because she is Crane, she’s moving there because that is where her new job is. The premise of that is pretty straight forward. Entitled students who have connections to the original founders of Sleepy Hollow and well Rip Van Winkle suddenly reappearing after another long sleep.

I liked the story a lot and felt that it had some really good bones to it. The characters needed a bit more substance due to the history of the story. I feel that having a bit more meat on the bones of the characters would have made the story just that much better of a read. I also felt that there was something off in the pace of the story, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was making it so hard to hold onto at times.

Overall a pretty good story, some more editing would have made it a great story. I do look forward to reading more books in the series and seeing what else happens.

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