• Brook Beorn

The House of Night

I just completed the second book in the House of Night series, Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. This series is one of those that I started years ago and just got busy with life and didn’t get around to finishing. I feel like I am looking at the series with new eyes as I read it. The characters are definitely more developed than some in other similar series. I can also say that I feel that some of the action and build up takes longer than it should.

Coming to know the big bad in the story and realizing that it was the obvious choice and still not what you expected is always nice in a series. I really want to know more about the Change that happens from fledgling to vampyre. What about the person changes and what remains the same.

Zoey is the hero who really doesn’t want to be a hero. She is being pushed by the goddess Nyx. It makes for that old question: if the gods are all powerful why don’t they do something about the bad things that happen, why do they need humans/vampyres to do the work for them? I always have questioned that part of these stories.

The conflict with Zoey and the guys in her life also adds to confusion, but like with so many other young adult romance things are happening way too fast. The story really should be they met and suddenly she had the hots for him, not they met and suddenly they fell deeply madly in love.

Even Zoey admits that she has only been at the House of Night for a month. Too much has happened too quickly for her character. Even with how drawn out certain things are, it also has had way to many major incidents happen in too short of time.

I will keep reading, because I want to know what happens and how things work out for Zoey.

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