• Brook Beorn

The Luxen, the aliens that we were promised

This is my first review for this new blog and honestly I am so excited that this is the book that I started with since one of the main characters, Katy, is also someone who reviews books online. I found that to be a special part of the story as I remember the feeling when I would check the mail and see all the book shaped packages and feel the sheer joy of knowing what was in them. I am hoping to get that back and to keep this going forward.

I am not going to lie, I completely binged this book. I was only going to start it and read a bit at a time, but the story pulled me in and I just found myself reading more and more till I realized that I had read most of the night away. This is one of those stories that carries you into it.

So I am just going to jump into it, Lux Beginnings by Jennifer Armentrout is the book I just finished reading. It is two books combined into one, Obsidian and Onyx, which are both still available in their original format or in ebook format. I picked this one up because of a suggestion made through a online group when I said I was looking to read a different kind of paranormal book. This is definitely it!

The characters feel real at times, with real problems, and feelings. I was thrilled that it wasn’t an instant love affair, but rather a love that came through growth and pure fighting tooth and nail to get the characters where they needed to be. As the reader you aren’t sure where Katy and Daemon stand a lot of time in the book. You know that they should be together, but their love hate friendship that transforms into a full blown relationship is hard pressed by many of the actions of the characters and the things that happen to them.

I will be honest that there were times when reading this book that I found myself questioning if anything good ever happened to these characters as all the bad things that could happen kept happening. The fact that they keep fighting shows how much they feel for each other.

Dee, Daemon’s twin sister, makes for a great character in that she is the glue that holds Katy and Daemon together in many ways. They both care for her and want her to be safe. When things begin to go all to hell it is Dee that Katy tries to protect when she leads the Arum away that were headed in her and Dee’s direction. Katy knows that protecting Dee and helping Daemon is everything. She puts their lives above hers and throughout the book this leads to disaster in so many ways.

A bond is formed between Katy and Daemon that changes both of them in so many ways. This bond wakes Daemon up to what he’s been fighting the whole time in regards to how he feels about Katy and it makes Katy believe that the only reason Daemon wants anything to do with her is because of it. Their relationship becomes very rocky when a student named Blake worms his way into their lives. He uses them and betrays them making them lose faith in each other and then lose someone very dear to them.

I won’t spoil the ending of this book, as I loved it so much. I honestly couldn’t put it down and have already picked up the second book in the series and ordered the last from

Here’s to hoping that the story continues to be the amazing and emotional filled piece of writing it has been up till now.

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