• Brook Beorn

To all the boys.....

My most recent read is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I actually ordered the books in this series, but hadn’t gotten a chance to read them till now. This is the first book and it is a pretty fast read.

I love the idea of the story as I was one of those girls who did write letters to people that I knew that they would never read. I can only imagine how my world would have been turned upside down if those letters had suddenly gotten in the hands of the people that I wrote to. Writing letters is akin to journaling, you never really believe that someone could read those letters and it is basically a way of getting your thoughts and feelings out. Kind of like blogging :)

I feel for the character of Lara Jean when those letters get out. She doesn’t know how to handle it all and then there is Peter who she kissed to save herself from being faced with her sister’s ex, whom she’d also written a love letter to.

Peter takes what happens with Lara Jean as a way to make things work in both of their favors. Fake boyfriend and girlfriend could never go wrong, not when real feelings start getting mixed up with what was supposed to be fake.

The writing in this book is so easy to follow and is as I said before a fast read, but a fun one. I am glad that I ordered the books so I have them to read again. It is also a really cute series on Netflix.

In other news I am working on my shop that will be attached to this blog. It will hopefully have some of my art as well as my daughter’s hopefully. I am currently doing some free art abandonment around the city to share some of my handmade earrings with others. I work in recycled mediums and like DIYs.

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